Saturday, January 17, 2009

Alex Castro, Hot Shower

Alex did a hot shower scene, as well as a couple of other hot scenes, at Male Perfection in 2008. Here is a clip from the shower video...

Click here to see Alex Castro in Rub-a-Dub, full length!

Dude Sagging Big

This dude has a hot sag going on, showing off those tight, white briefs and a ass shaped to beg for :)

Searching for Milo?

There is a guy who I have had a "thing" for since I first saw him on Sean Cody. He appeared as Milo, but I've since seen him as Spike on other sites (Ebony D, for one).

I'm going to show you some pics of him from his Sean Cody days, but I could use your help... if you have any videos of him, or know of any that he has done (other than the Ebony D videos - he only does solo vids there), let me know! I'm particularly interested to see if all of his videos are solo, or if he has had any contact with another guy in any of them! I don't have any pics that show this, but he has a huge bubble butt and, in case you haven't noticed already, I have a thing for butts :) Besides that, he's just so cute!

Here are a few pics...

If you look for him on Sean Cody, click "Enter," then click "Movies," then scroll down and go to page 50... there you will see him!

Please post comments if you have seen him perform with another guy... and where! Or, just contact me directly, by viewing my profile.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Keyon & Teyon

By the results of one of my polls to the bottom right, some of you have a brother and/or twin fetish. If you do, and you like black guys, then you have to think that Keyon and Teyon are h o t, hot!

Unfortunately, they are felons, and one can only wonder... are they in the same cell?? [Pause as we all visualize for a moment!]

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wearing Towel, Sagging

Cute guy... cute butt!

Saggers, Exposed

I love saggers! You get to see some ass shapes when they showing briefs, and sometimes boxers, but when they bare-ass sagging (ahh, going commando), that's the best :)!