Sunday, January 25, 2009

Eric Balfour Nude Scenes

Eric Balfour has such a great physique - perfectly shaped! In some of the pics below, you can see his cock from the movie Lie With Me, but it's hard to tell how much of a grower he really is - who knows if he is completely hard when she is sucking on his dick.

But, the point I was trying to make about his perfectly shaped body excludes anyone sizing up his dick! It is the way his body looks, from his pecks, to his butt, the arch in his back, and even his waist.

Anyway, here are some of Eric Balfour's nude scenes...

Here's a collage from The Texas Chainsaw Massacre:

Here are some good pics from the movie Lie With Me:


  1. I'd do him. No problem

  2. He has the best body EVER! That ass....yummy!

  3. He has the best body EVER! That ass.....yummy!